© 2011 Reyes Design + Planning + Architecture.  All Rights Reserved. An admired architect of more than 35 years in the profession, Architect ROMULO  ‘MOLLY’ REYES is a very knowledgeable, skillful and witty designer.  He is a specialist in  architectural design and construction. Architect Reyes finished his Bachelor of Science  Degree in Architecture in 1975 at the University of Santo Tomas. He was involved with  mixed use development projects located in Makati City, the financial center of the  Philippines.  He took a special course at Harvard University in the United States focusing  on Airport Development and Modernization.  For Architect Molly Reyes, architecture is not just a discipline that involves floor plans and  blue prints.  For him it is also an art, which deals with human nature, welfare and values.  From that point of view, one can, indeed, interpret that in this vigorous and dynamic  architect’s eyes,  design and architecture have a lot to do with the people living in the  structure more than just the frame of the structure itself. He notes that designing and  crafting drawings are a mixture of acquired technical knowledge and having the capability  of tuning in to the personalities and lifestyles of the clients, his environment and family.  Architect Reyes’ ability to work around his clients’ ideas has been one of the excellent  factors that enhanced his growth in the industry.  Extensive research, practical assessment  in budget and requirements, client considerations and ideas and of course, Architect  Reyes’ own concepts, schemes and designs are major aspects in the conceptualization of  his clients' projects. He discusses with them the various steps in design and construction  from the inception of the project. His inspired and captivating designs truly speak of this  architect’s vision and passion in the realization of appropriately combined ideas. His various projects not only included institutions but residential and commercial structures as well. He has attended various international conferences to acquire modern trends,  broader and  updated design skills. He was featured on various television programs where  his extraordinarily- designed projects were highlighted. Ar ROMULO L. REYES fuap, intl assoc aia, apec architect PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT College of Architecture and Fine Arts 1975 University of Santo Tomas Bachelor of Science in Architecture PRC License No. 4672 Graduate School of Design in Executive Education Harvard University Airport Development in the next 50 years: Plans and Design of World-class Airports and Passenger Terminal © 2011 Reyes Design + Planning + Architecture.  All Rights Reserved. © 2012  Reyes Design + Planning + Architecture.  All Rights Reserved.