© 2011 Reyes Design + Planning + Architecture.  All Rights Reserved. A lady of exceptional initiative and commitment to her profession, Architect and Environmental  Planner YOLANDA DAVID REYES specializes in architectural design and facility planning.  She  finished her Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture in 1975 and her Master of Science  Degree in Architecture in 1986 at the University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture  and Fine Arts and the UST Graduate School. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy  academic units at the famous School of Urban and RegionalPlanning of the University of the  Philippines.  She was the Dean of the University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture and Fine Arts   for a long period of nine years.  Under her leadership, the College achieved the status of “Center of  Excellence” in the year 1999 granted by the Commission on Higher Education of the  Philippines.  Architect Reyes has given major contributions and services to her profession when she  served as the first woman National President of the United Architects of the Philippines.  She  demonstrated her vision, leadership and unrelenting vigor and zeal, by instituting various reforms  within the organization. She also projected the UAP and the Philippines in the international scene as  the first lady-architect to be elected as Chairperson of the Architects Regional Council of  Asia or ARCASIA composed of 17 member countries in Asia.  The council gave her the most  exalted recognition and distinguished admiration due to her  indefatigable leadership in the  organization that had been conventionally dominated by men.   In recognizing her noteworthy achievements, she was conferred the American Institute of  Architects (AIA) Presidential Medal and an Honorary Membership in Las Vegas, USA.    Further, she was awarded the most coveted distinction as Honorary Fellow of the American  Institute of Architects in San Francisco, USA, the first woman architect from Southeast Asia to  receive it. Currently, Architect Reyes serves as the Chairperson of the Philippine Commission  on Higher Education, Technical Panel for Architecture Planning, Interior Design and Fine  Arts education.      Her numerous commendations include The Award for Architecture in Design Excellence for the  Caleruega Retreat House located south of Manila, Philippines by the UAP in 1996, The  Outstanding Thomasian Alumni Award (Architecture) given by the UST in 2002,  Distinguished Architecture Award given by the City of Manila, A special Cultural Award by  Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, First Diamond Award for Architecture by the UST  Graduate School in 1998. In 2008, she was bestowed as the Most  Outstanding Professional of  the Year in Architecture by the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines.   Ar YOLANDA D. REYES fuap, hon faia, apec architect PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT College of Architecture and Fine Arts 1975 University of Santo Tomas Bachelor of Science in Architecture PRC License No. 4744 Graduate School 1986 University of Santo Tomas Master of Science in Architecture School of Urban & Regional Planning University of the Philippines PhD Candidate Environmental Planner PRC License No. 140 © 2011 Reyes Design + Planning + Architecture.  All Rights Reserved. © 2012  Reyes Design + Planning + Architecture.  All Rights Reserved.